Lights, lights, lights

Having lived three years in Seattle and dragging floor lamps from one habitat to another, because of such morose weather (especially during winter),  I thought buying my own place will give me a respite from the tall lamps always standing in the corners of every room, using up useful space and confusing poor little Roomba 🙂
Seizing this opportunity, I went for the installation of recessed can lights which will ensure there is optimal light at the click of a single button in every room. Not only are can lights energy efficient, they increase the value of the home and make it look very attractive. I had the contractor put in LED lights so that I never have to change them (yes, I am an odd mix of smart and lazy!) Also got sensor controlled dimmers, which means that the lights will be shut off automatically if the sensor senses no presence in a room. This was an awesome feature for the forgetful lazybones that I am as that means there won’t be any need for me to keep shutting off lights. Finally technology is catching up with my needs 😉

[Edit: Actually had the sensor controlled dimmers removed shortly afterward because the lights kept shutting off after a specific period of inactivity which was a rather painful feature]

Very happy with the way the work progressed. The contractor did a good and clean job of installing the recessed can lights.

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