Bye Bye old Kitchen cabinets

To see the old cabinets, view the slideshow or click on an image below to enter the gallery.

With a new home comes the opportunity to “upgrade” some features- the kitchen normally gets top priority. So I decided to take off the old 1980 style cabinet and exchange them for a newer style.

Saying bye to the old cabinets was hard…not really!
They went to a garage in Marysville and the buyer (a smart war veteran) wanted to paint them red.. old cabinets will look exciting in new bold colors.  He even emailed me a picture of them and they do look snazzy!

Bye bye old cabinets. You served the home well and a heartiest thank you to you for that. May you be happy in your new fun colors in your new abode 🙂

Psst.. Here is what the ad read on my favorite recycling website:

Switching out my kitchen cabinets as part of kitchen remodel. These are sturdy and decent looking cabinets that can be stained/painted a different color to suit your needs. The material is not very heavy and can be easily moved and hung. Good for a starter home.  My contractor will be taking these down in a few days and so they will be available for pick up very soon.  Here are the measurements.  Upper cabinets: 27×30 (two), 12×30, 30×24, 18×30 Base cabinets: 30×30(two), 9×30, 12×30, 18×30

I got three replies in two days 🙂

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