Cleaning the decks – Part 1

After the secrets beneath the deck were revealed in this post, we decided to pressure wash the decks, clean them up well and make them look sanitary and safe enough to be walked upon. The pre-purchase inspection had revealed several safety issues include moisture in the decks, missing siding etc. among others. The moisture under the decks was causing the wood to rot.  So we decided to do a basic cleaning as a big deck overhaul is expensive and unnecessary at this point. The deck’s wooden pallets lie on two layers of black plastic that sit on top of the black membrane.

Our pressure washing task was fun. It begun by rolling up the plastic sheets and cleaning the layers and layers of pine twigs and dust and dirt that had accumulated as a result of years of neglect. After that, we started pressure washing the decks using a gas pressure washer. It can smell nasty! The concrete deck was easy to pressure wash and the wooden pallets had to be individually pressure washed for them to be clean. My friend R helped with the process one day. The handyman and his son worked another day.

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