All in a day’s work

So it followed from the previous post on the decks that the HOA has asked me for an explanation of the work being done, when all that was being done is really just a deck cleanup; however some neighbor reported as a construction work πŸ™‚ As there was significant water deposit on the deck due to the pressure washing done earlier, I wanted to clean it all up. I bought a 9 gallon wet vacuum from Home Depot for this purpose since it seemed that this deck will really need vacuuming to clear up the water retention again and again. I must have vacuumed and emptied out the tank at least 10 times, but finally the deck ended up clean, most of the water deposit was gone and the deck looked presentable for any inspection that may be required.

Also wanted to test out my hand at painting having watched a lot of DIY videos πŸ™‚ And although I had been advised that it is not worth the effort, I wanted to verify for myself if that indeed was the case. [because unless I learn for myself whether it is worth or not worth the effort, the nagging doubt remains in my mind :)] So I went to Home Depot and bought a painting tool set and some white paint and decided to test out my hand at some kick-ass kitchen wall painting. Surprisingly, it went well- although the walls did end up looking like it had been painted by an amateur πŸ™‚ Some paint got into my hair and some got on my hands and I had a tough time cleaning up the paint brushes afterward with water and soap. Also I was not patient enough to complete the second coat of paint and it was good for me that the paint included primer too. The plan is to cover the entire wall will a good paint color and some cool brick backsplash once the cabinets are up and all the appliances are hooked up.

The final verdict: My friends were right, yes, it is not worth the effort πŸ™‚ But now I “know” the answer for myself!

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