De-throning older toilets

Since the previous occupants in the home had left more than a year ago, the home had been winterized. So when I first saw the toilets, they had a “Home has been winterized” sign on the toilet seat- which usually serves as a warning for anyone who is curious to have a peek at the insides of the toilet- “At your own risk”. Well, I took good measures to avoid taking the risk for a fair amount of time 🙂 But with the rest of the work progressing, it was time for the toilets to be replaced… and the truth could no longer be avoided.

And so.. on a cold, rainy Sunday-the pan was finally opened. I was expecting to see worms and whatnots and was ready for a pukefest and several “ewwws”;  however, it was not half as bad. There was just the general black algae, fungi and all the bacterial deposit and a mucous like black membrane lined the short it was ugly enough for me. So I decided to outsource the work to  someone else. I needed someone with nerves of steel (to look at the grossness and yet not be daunted) and the relevant plumbing skills 🙂 I found thru an ad on Craigslist that someone was letting go of two Kohler lowboy toilets from a past project, that were in good condition. Additionally this person was a general contractor, which meant that he could install them too. So I hired him and for $300, I had both the toilets delivered, installed, running and paid for. It seemed to be a good deal and so far I am feeling good about the transaction.

The person installing the toilets was named Atilla- like the Hungarian King. So once the King had tested out his new Thrones and the super “flush” powers that come with them, we called it “done” 🙂

[Edit 7/5/’14: Lesson learnt from actual experience: Always go for new toilets. These two toilets have served the home well for the past year, but now they need to be replaced]

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