Progress on Doors

Of course you know about my love for French doors by now. If you don’t, please read this post.

The contractor recommended pre-jambed doors. Either because of the price point or unavailability of pre-jambed doors (the kind I wanted) at the salvage store, I was not able to get any pre-jambed doors. This significantly increased the expenses for the door installation and just the labor cost $220 for each door. Luckily since the door slabs themselves were got off Craigslist, I was able to save some money there. HomeDepot did not carry pre-jambed doors in the style I was looking for and custom ordering them would have meant doling out thousands.. so hopefully at $250 per door (slab+door+installation), I still saved some $$s.

If I had my way, I would have french-ed the bathroom door too. But then wisdom struck at the right moment and so I ordered a door slab without any glass for the bathroom door (as most people using the bathroom would probably prefer!) 🙂 So my contractor having got all the material on time, was able to get the door work finished. Notice the pretty looking molding and rosettes that were added at the borders. The plan is to paint them a rich classy-glossy white and they will turn out beautiful. For those interested, the door molding is: Solid wood Madera solia- 579 (3/8″ X 2-1/4″ X 7″) @ $8.15/pc and the rosette pieces are:  Pine Rosetta blocks (7/8″ X 2-1/2″ X 2-1/2″) @ $1.58/pc. And both are available at the HomeDepot.

The two doors (one for the Prayer room and the second for the washer and dryer utility closet) will have clear glass tempered inserts, that will probably cost me around $125 for each door. I had originally planned to have stained glass inserts in these doors but reviewing the pricing of stained glass inserts (and a minor heart attack later), I decided the best second alternative would be to have a glass insert and use a glass decal similar to what Wall Monkey provides. Perhaps if done well, I can even hack a stained glass look. In fact, this may work out better as I can even have a custom decal done thru their website.. ideas started pouring into my mind as I visited that website, pretty cool stuff. This will keep it simple, cost-effective and creative.. Watch on!

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One thought on “Progress on Doors

  1. omshivaya says:

    Great information for any home renovator or anyone looking to make a great change to their home. Great stuff Madam. 🙂

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