Painting The Railing Spindles

Some of the spindles attached to the handrail we originally put in replacing the large wooden grid structure that came with the house, got painted green for some reason, matching none of the layout around it- which was all white. I’ve noticed this pretty much ever since the renovations finished last year- so after trying to ignore it for 800+ times, I decided to take some action 🙂

As always the Rustoleum 2X ultra touch (paint and primer in one) was the top choice, I chose a glossy white to match the other wood spindles around it. And it does a good job on metal surfaces. Also got a Spray grip that helps ease the pressure on the fingers while spraying (great product!), some painter’s tape and a tall cardboard that I fashioned to seal the area around each spindle that needed spraying.

Applied a base coat to each spindle, it’s important to not spray from very close – a 12-16 inch distance is recommended. This was followed by applying a second coat after some 5-10 minutes. The tricky part was to get the curvy design of the spindle covered with the white gloss, it took the first two spindles to get it right the third time. So a good strategy would be to first experiment on an extra unused spindle or a spindle that will not be easily noticed while climbing the stairs. Here are the pictures from as-is to what it is now.

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